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EDSP - Passionate about a sustainable future

The EDSP ECO foundation is a non-profit organizations and works together with scientists and public & private organisations to develop innovative, durable and sustainable technologies and solutions for the transition towards a circular economy. EDSP ECO was founded by environmentalists with a vision of creating a simple way for anyone to contribute their eco-commitment. Our projects are funded bij EDSP (IT/NL), by donations and our patreons. 

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Thank you very much for your donation. Every penny will be commited directly to the goals set by the EDSP ECO foundation to protect the planet, end poverty or grow prosperity. Our bank information:
Account:  EDSP ECO
IBAN:       NL93 TRIO 0788 8220 55

Or use paypal to make a donation:

EDSP ECO Become our Patreon

Become our Patreon

EDSP ECO creates an environment to support organizations globally that are responsible for actions to protect the planet, end poverty or grow prosperity. We offer support in the form of building websites, doing extensive research, offering digital campaigns, connecting involved parties and giving public speeches and interviews and consulting on or building ecofriendly solutions. Besides all that we actively target politicians and companies who are responsible for pollution and climate change. Check us out & support us on Patreon. Thanks in advance!

EDSP ECO Support our Partners

Support our Partners

We support multiple initiatives which are all dedicated to build a better world. If you like our work & ideas then you are sure to like the following organizations too: