EDSP - Passionate about a sustainable future

The EDSP ECO Foundation is a non-profit organization and provides high value consultancy and support to organizations globally that are responsible for actions to protect the planet, end poverty or grow prosperity. We work with scientists and public or private organizations to develop innovative, durable and sustainable technologies for the transition towards a circular economy and build & propose solutions to ensure that the earth will continue to be a safe place to live for future generations.

EDSP - Climate Solutions

We view climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our times and aim for a fast transition towards a sustainable society using only renewable energy. We develop innovative, durable and sustainable technologies for this transition and promote the ideas of organizations we work with like the 40 solutions provided by Urgenda. EDSP provides platforms and executes multiple projects to support organizations who fight climate change like the Mobilisation for the Environment (MOB) and other organizations who confront government & dirty company policies not in line with the changes required to save the planet.

EDSP - BioMassMurder

Our website supports more than 200 organizations worldwide against the logging and burning of woody biomass for electricity & heat generation purposes and contains hundreds of international research papers and official documents and more than a thousand news-items and numerous videos on the health issues, and damage to the environment and climate change which the burning of woody biomass causes. We are preparing multiple court cases against executive politicians and expect to be filing a Biomass Legal Case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

EDSP EcoLabel Application

EDSP - EcoLabel application

The EDSP EcoLabel application adds significant value to eco-startups and projects by delivering a decentralized platform that runs eco-applications which execute exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. EcoLabel provides real-time insight into the realization of actual sustainable and durable progress which is registered, measured and made visible for the public and transformed into cryptocurrency, digital shares or contracts by using Ethereum BlockChain Technology. The platform which supports the EcoLabel application is EcoTab.

EDSP - FreeBees project

The main goal of this EDSP non-profit eco project is to save the bees and with it the ecology and economy worldwide.
Objectives to achieve this goal are:
- Public Awareness
- Citizen Participation
- Precautionary Actions
- Increase Bee Population
- Stimulate Change

EDSP EcoLabel Application

EDSP - Tawergha foundation project

The town of Tawergha was ethnically cleansed and the 40,000 inhabitants were violently evicted. EDSP ECO established the Tawergha foundation to support the Tawergha youth organization. Our objectives:
- Advance the return of the refugees from Tawergha to their village.
- Create awareness inside and outside Libya for their situation.

- Provide development for the population of Tawergha through courses.

- Promote employment and self- sufficiency for the people of Tawergha.

- Obtain justice and compensation for the victims from Tawergha.