The EcoLabel Project

Creating the future together.

The EDSP EcoLabel application adds significant value to eco-startups and projects by delivering a decentralized platform that runs eco-applications which execute exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

EcoLabel provides real-time insight into the realization of actual sustainable and durable progress which is registered, measured and made visible for the public and transformed into cryptocurrency, digital shares or contracts by using Ethereum BlockChain Technology.

EcoTab projects are approved, endorsed and monitored by EcoLabel providers assigned to the EcoLabel Index.

The Ecolabel Index is the largest global directory of ecolabels, currently tracking 463 ecolabels in 199 countries, and 25 industry sectors:

Indicators used to measure sustainable development goals for EcoLabel products and solutions are described in the following guidelines: is supported by the .eco domain registrar. The team behind .eco has been working with the internet and environmental worlds for more than a decade to build .eco – an online home for businesses, non-profits and individuals working for a better world:

The EcoLabel application adds value to EcoTab Eco-Projects by offering the following functions & services:

- Automation Support

- Contracts (Smart)

- Crowdfunding

- Digital Multi-signature Wallet support

- Eco Chain Registration

- Eco Domain Registration & Hosting

- Eco and Ethereum Value Creator

- Eco Patent Registration (Azure BlockChain & IP Based)

- Eco Label Provider Support (Approval, Endorsement & Promotion)

- Eco Solution Collaboration and Synergy Finder

- ENS Registration (Ethereum Name Space)

- Financial Services and Auditing

- Investment Acquisition and Management

- Monitoring and Measurement

- Product Promotion

- Progress Accelerators (Innovation & Project Solutions)

- Social Media Connectors

* Functions & Services mentioned above are being developed or are currently being incorporated into the EcoLabel application and may not be available at the time of reading.

The EDSP ECO non-profit foundation was founded by environmentalists with a vision of creating a simple way for anyone to contribute their eco-commitment.